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  • Why 5G isn’t worth a device upgrade (yet)
    5G, the technology of the future.. or so we have been promised. Sadly that future is not upon us yet. Both T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless advertise lower latency, higher reliability, and faster speeds when using 5G over the previous generation LTE. Yet, some users of 5G see little improvement over the previous generation… What gives? […]
  • How to secure your WordPress blog with Cloudflare ®
    The internet is a beautiful place but is often compared to the American wild-west, not without good reason. The internet allows nearly everyone and everything to connect to each other. The problem is that includes all things good and bad. It is no secret that every service and website is under constant scanning for flaws […]
  • How to speed up your website with Cloudflare ®
    I hope you have heard the hype behind Cloudflare, if you have not, this article is probably going to get you excited. Cloudflare is an amazing value that provides the benefits previously only reserved for those who could afford hundreds a month in hosting services. The best part is, Cloudflare is free for a majority […]
  • How DNS works, the recursive process
    As more companies and products become dependent on internet connections, it is ever important to ensure secure and private communications. Thermostats, lights, security systems, door locks, window shades, entertainment, cameras, doorbells, outlets and smoke detectors are a few of the many devices available to connect to the internet. With more devices relying on external servers […]
  • Why are people ditching WhatsApp?
    You may have heard of a sudden outcry from WhatsApp users, and a sudden upsurge of leaving the platform. Whats the big deal? Here we discuss the controversial change which is causing millions to leave. What is WhatsApp? WhatsApp is a instant messaging app that was released in 2009. It utilizes the Signal Protocol for […]